Fullstack Developer

My name is Diamond Butler; Software Developer

Many software developers will offer you a minimum of six thousand to start the development of your website. With this money, you are paying a single developer to do the workload.

Welcome to my approach. I live in Lake Butler, Florida and I want to provide a variety of services from debugging to complete projects. I am a professional developer who is training to produce high-quality work. I create, update, and even refine! I Worked multiple team-oriented jobs; such as, fast food for over two years, retail jobs for over a year, and selling cars with teams for over 2 years.

About me:

I have always had a curiosity in coding, having a very high learning ceiling and a strong visible reward that shows my progression is very exciting. I look forward to using my skills to work with others and create new things.

Outside of my coding career, I love to train animals, spend time with my own animals and family. I have traveled to India for 40 days and to many states across the USA. I also am very interested in gardening, growing contest winning pumpkins, gaming, art and travel.

  • Website development
  • Training courses
  • Mobile development


Library App

Local Library app

This app was built so that you can see records of books, what is currently available, and who might have rented it out currently. I was assigned the backend (JavaScript).

Click here for Repo

Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring

This is an encryption based development that has three encryption sets. I alone encoded the encryptions through the use of JavaScript. Node.js

Click here for Repo